Elizabeth Anderson

One of the greatest lessons I ever learned about photography was also one of the simplest; take your camera everywhere you go. It is sometimes and often in your everyday life that a great photograph is waiting to be taken. This means changing the way you see the world around […]


I have many times been asked what some of the terms in photography mean and how they affect a photograph. I have also heard many of the terms used incorrectly. They are heard so often in advertising and even in passing that people use them in every day speech without […]


In my previous post, I discussed the benefits of using negative space in photography. In this post, I will discuss the opposite; when filling the shot with content can add drama and overall meaning to a photograph.


It is often tempting when taking photographs to fill up as much of the space as possible. When taking photos of a subject that really interests you, it can be hard to censor yourself and consider your composition carefully. The use of negative space next to your subject matter can […]


For the final part of this series on shooting ghost towns, I will discuss how to take raw shots and manipulate them to create more pop and feeling for the content of the images. This can mean changing some from color to black and white, increasing the saturation level, color […]


In the second part of this series on photographing ghost towns, I am going to continue discussing my trip to Northern Minnesota and North Hibbing (First part you can find here). One of the most interesting aspects of shooting this kind of environment is knowing that at one time, the […]