We can all appreciate natural beauty. Sun setting over the ocean. Exotic flowers blooming across the mountains. The golden leaves of Autumn trees. But the true beauty of photography is capturing everyday objects and the fleeting moments that pass by. These urban decay inspired photos shed some new light onto […]


Nothing may be more challenging that take stunning still life photo. This type of photos require  all your skills and control over every aspect of  the scene. I bet you’ll want to try to shoot some still life photo after seeing these amazing pieces. Feel free to share your photos in comments below. by Carl W. […]


Hopefully a change of season can also inspire you to head outdoors in search for photo opportunities. Autumn is great season to really capture unique colors in nature. From deep reds and oranges, to dusty pinks caramel browns. Hope the following photos give you a few ideas.


There are hundreds of ways you can photography one subject. Here are 20 great photos all inspired by one action: Jump. There’s jump roping, jumping away, jumping in, jumping on, jumping off and much more. Hopefully this photo collection will inspire you to look at an action differently.


Who knew that a few lines can evoke so much emotions? Here’s a stunning collection of some interesting photographs that involve the use of lines. Get inspired for your next photo project!


We talk about lighting so much in photography that we sometimes forget that shadows can be an interesting subject itself. Shadows can create depth, texture, contrasts, geometric shapes and even illusions. Here are 20 great examples that will have you look at shadows a different way.