One of the greatest lessons I ever learned about photography was also one of the simplest; take your camera everywhere you go. It is sometimes and often in your everyday life that a great photograph is waiting to be taken. This means changing the way you see the world around […]


You don’t need to look too hard or travel too far for a subject that would amaze, excite and produce a smile on your face. Spend an afternoon outside and just look up. Here are 21 photographs that have captured the subject of clouds perfectly. Some are stunning and others whimsical. Take a look and hopefully get inspired on your next photo shoot!


Last time we ran a Photoshop tutorial on how to apply a selective color effect to a photo. This time, we want to showcase some great photos that have actually applied the selective color technique. Hopefully this photos will will give you some fun, unique and refreshing ideas for your next photo project.


Remember our first collection of amazing pictures taken with iPhone? We decided to do a little roundup again because this type of photography is geting more and more popular. All these beautiful pictures are taken and edited with iPhone only. If you also want to get such amazing images check out some helpful iphone […]


Here are 25 excellent motion blur photos to get you inspired. Hopefully this collection of photos would get you to think outside the box when it comes to taking a blurry photo. There are different ways to create a motion blur photo. Slower shutter speeds, panning, zooming or simply by just having an unsteady hand.


Here are 20 beautifully taken photos that only focus on the eyes. Eyes themselves make a powerful subject and can say a lot about the person and emotion. This post is definitely not for those with Ommetaphobia (fear of eyes).