Whether you’re involved in print or web design, the various design elements—such as typography, shapes, lines, colors, spacing, and images or graphics—need to work together to produce a coherent and engaging visual design. Photographs are an important element of many visual designs, and graphic designers need to use high-quality photographs […]

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There has been a constant “chicken or the egg” debate going on in the photography world for years. Is it the camera body, or the “glass” that carries the most value?  In my humble opinion, it’s both. The relationship between camera and lens is much like that between the head […]

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The lomography movement was founded in the early 90s in Austria. Since then, it has become vastly popular, developing a cult following for those wanting to give their photos a classic, vintage feel. Traditionally, Russian LOMO LC-A cameras were used to achieve this effect. As other analogue cameras were developed […]

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Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to travel!  With cooler temperatures and soon a myriad of fall colors,  I thought I’d highlight some great travel photography apps for your iPhone.  Have some of your own favorites?  Let us know in the comments section! Instagram […]

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Every year thousands of people descend upon tourist hotspots hoping to take some great photographs. But are these tourists attractions over-rated, or do they really live up to hype? Sometimes the most photogenic places can be found off the beaten track. This list will take you through some great locations […]

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Light writing is a form of stop motion animation and is created by capturing various still images and placing them together. The technique has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its use in television adverts had seen a huge increase in its popularity and usage. It is a really creative […]

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