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You don’t need to be photogenic in order to look nice in photos. Just follow these 10 simple tips to ensure that you’d always look good in front of the camera.


If you’re not ready yet to take the plunge with a dSLR, you’d be happy to know that a simple point-and-shoot camera can produce a photograph too. With thousands of choices in compact digital cameras, how do you pick the perfect one? Hopefully, with these easy-to-follow tips, you’d end up with the right one that suits your requirements.


Photographing an immobile object is hard enough as it is, so what happens when you need to work with a model as a subject? If you happen to work with a professional and very experienced model, than you’re in luck and have half the work done for you. But if you and the model are both a bit inexperienced, then here are some tips that can help you both produce a great photograph.